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MP launches ‘no win, no fee’ attack

The Government has been urged to re-evaluate it’s ‘no win, no fee’ policies following criticism from an opposition MP. Labour MP Chris Bryant cited two high-profile cases involving the Duchess of Cambridge and the family of murdered schoolgirl Millie Dowler to argue that everybody should have the right to pursue a claim regardless of their

Divorce law needs to be clearer

Judges and couples should be told what they are aiming to achieve with any financial settlement after a divorce, the body that recommends law reform has said. The law in England and Wales is unclear and treats a family court judge like a bus driver who has been told how to drive and told that

Safety inspections scaled back

Health and safety inspections could become a thing of the past for many businesses under new Government plans. Thousands of shops, bars, clubs and offices will no longer be subjected to “burdensome” inspections as part of the “radical” overhaul of the system, officials said. The Government says its new legislation will cut red tape and

Pensions ‘final and frightening

More people could be encouraged to invest in pension schemes if they were made more flexible and less “frightening”, and maybe even given a new name, according to the director-general of Saga. Dr Ros Altmann said that people associate the word “pension” with scandals and disappointments, and find most of the language used to explain

Prison release scheme ‘needs review’

A programme that allows the temporary release of long-term prisoners into communities should be extended, according to campaigners. The Prison Reform Trust claims that the scheme plays a pivotal role in reducing the amount of offenders who are reconvicted within a year of release and encourages responsibility. The report said that prisoners who are released