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Growing concern over the use of tasers

The Guardian reports that concern is growing among human rights campaigners and politicians over the use of tasers after an innocent blind man was shot with a stun gun when his white stick was mistaken for a samurai sword. The legal action group Police Action Centre is to challenge the widespread use of stun guns.

Are claims for insurance fraud increasing?

For instance the manager of a claims management company who processed fraudulent insurance claims has been jailed for 21 months. Asif Mallu, 38, organised 10 claims between May and December 2005, making more than £12,000 through solicitors’ referral fees, courtesy car hire and the recovery of vehicles involved. Mallu, who ran 24/7 Direct Claims Ltd

Proposals will ‘erode workplace safety’

Legislation that will make it harder for employees to claim compensation for accidents in the workplace will take workers’ rights back to those of “Victorian times”, according to critics. Under the tough new rules injured workers would have to prove their employer was negligent and directly responsible for the accident before they are eligible for

Dads ‘to get a year paternity leave’

Under new Government plans, a year’s parental leave will be available to either the mother or the father after the birth of a baby, the Daily Telegraph has reported. The family-friendly laws, which are to be announced by David Cameron and Nick Clegg later this month, will not be introduced until October 2015, because of

Planners could block extension plan

Government plans to temporarily relax rules on home extensions could be blocked by town hall planners, according to the Local Government Association (LGA). The coalition announced plans last month to relax permitted developments rights to allow property extensions of up to 8m, in an attempt to breathe new life into the construction sector. But the

The future of law… big businesses and alternative business structures

Solicitor’s regulation authority has granted licenses for alternative

Firms should offer four-day week

All employers should offer their staff the chance to work a four-day week, experts have suggested. And they claimed that gardening could be the surprising solution to many of the problems faced by the country right now, with firms urged to provide a green space for their workers to plant fruit and vegetables. Andrew Simms,

Gay couple win right to keep twins

An Indian woman who was carrying twins as a surrogate mother for two gay men left Britain without giving formal consent, a High Court has been told. In a potentially ground-breaking case at the High Court in London, Mr Justice Baker said he was asked to make a parental order without the consent of the

New claims track to lower court costs

Small and medium sized businesses whose intellectual property (IP) rights have been infringed will now be able to take their cases forward in an easier way thanks to the introduction of a new small claims track to the Patents County Court (PCC). The small claims track will provide copyright, trade mark and unregistered design holders