Latest News: Veja and Co would like to congratulate Marina Philips, who has successfully passed her examinations to become a Higher Rights Advocate. | Raj Veja secures acquittal in multi-million pound fraud case in Leicester Crown Court involving Hawala financial practices. | Dr Rakhi Rashmi succeeds in appeal to the First Tier Tribunal (FTT) securing a reversal of the Home Offices revocation of refugee status upon Criminal conviction.

CPS under fire for failures in two serious cases‏

The Crown Prosecution Service has been criticised by two separate Crown court judges after sending an ‘incompetent’ advocate to prosecute a murder trial and for ‘lamentable failures’ that delayed a rape trial. In the first case, judge Richard Griffith-Jones, sitting at Warwick , ordered an investigation after a murder trial had to be halted after

Outcry over legal aid changes

Barristers attack plan to award criminal defence work to lowest bidder and deprive defendants of right to choose solicitor. Barristers are campaigning against big cuts to legal aid. Depriving defendants of the choice of lawyer and introducing price-competitive tendering for legal aid contracts will undermine Britain’s international reputation for upholding justice, the organisation that represents

RTA claims still high despite referral fee ban

The referral fee ban had little impact on the number of RTA claims, with the number of cases in the immediate aftermath increasing by 27% compared to the year before, the Gazette has learned. Figures published by the RTA Portal Company show that 79,483 claims opened in April this year – the month the referral