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Work Accidents

At work, your safety and wellbeing is in the hands of your employer. They are duty bound to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act and put strict measures in place to protect you. This includes training, supervision and personal protective equipment. Even though there is now a much greater focus on working

Car Accidents

Claiming compensation for injuries from a non-fault car accident. However safe you are on the roads, you can’t account for other people. It’s estimated that 95% of road traffic accidents are caused by driver error. And why should you suffer for their mistakes? You may have been hit by another car while you were driving

Cycle Accidents

Claiming compensation if you’ve been injured in a cycle accident. If you’ve been injured in a cycling accident, the only thing you should have to think about is your recovery. Just leave all the stress and hassle of making a compensation claim to us. Unfortunately cycling accidents are common, and often happen when drivers make

Dental Negligence

Dentists, like doctors and nurses, are required to meet a duty of care when treating their patients. If the treatment falls below the required standard, dental patients can suffer painful complications, multiple follow-up procedures and unnecessary emotional hardship. Dental negligence claims can be made against dental professionals for failure to diagnose a dental condition and

Medical Negligence Claims

Medical negligence is the failure to provide sufficient care, or care which does not meet the standard accepted, resulting in harm, injury or death. Deviation from the accepted industry standards could possibly be found in situations such as: Delays in diagnosis Careless procedures Failure to warn of the risks involved with a treatment Medication errors

Motorcycle Accidents

Claiming personal injury compensation after a non-fault motorcycle accident. When it comes to motorcycle accident PI claims, the deck can be stacked against motorcyclists. Other drivers often claim the motorcyclist was speeding and road maintenance often fails to acknowledge things that put motorcyclists at risk, such as misaligned drain covers, pot holes and loose chippings,

Slips, Trips & Falls

Claiming compensation for injuries from slips, trips and falls. Accidents do happen. But when they could have been prevented if someone had just taken proper care, then you need to talk to us. Those responsible for property, pavements and roads have a duty to keep them in good order to keep people like you safe.

How Much Could You Claim

Head Injury Minor head injury – £1,400 – £8,100 Minor brain damage – £9,875 – £27,500 Very Severe brain damage – £180,000 – £257,750 Nose Injury Simple undisplaced with full recovery – £1,100 – £1,600 Displaced requiring manipulation – £1,600 – £2,000 Displaced recovery after surgery – £2,500 – £3,250 Serious fractures with permanent damage