Contact row parents should see the bigger picture
25 Jul 2012 0

Parents arguing over contact rights should be aware of the damaging effect it can have on their children, a judge has stated.
Sitting at the Court of Appeal in London, Lord Justice McFarlane stressed the importance of putting the child’s needs first and said it was in their best interests to see both parents, no matter how “tough” or “hard” that may be.
The written judgement said: “The family courts seek to encourage parents to see the bigger picture in terms of the harmful impact upon their children of sustained disputes.”
It stressed that parents have a “responsibility and a duty to do what they can to meet their child’s needs in terms of achieving contact with the other parent just as much as they do in any other respect”.
The comments were made in a judgment of an appeal brought against Swindon County Court, whose ruling had denied a father contact with his children.
The father’s appeal was successful, which means he will now be able to visit his two daughters who he has not seen for more than three years.