Dads ‘to get a year paternity leave’
15 Oct 2012 0

Under new Government plans, a year’s parental leave will be available to either the mother or the father after the birth of a baby, the Daily Telegraph has reported.
The family-friendly laws, which are to be announced by David Cameron and Nick Clegg later this month, will not be introduced until October 2015, because of fears over their impact on small businesses.
Originally the Government had planned to offer 18 weeks of paid leave to mothers around the birth, plus an additional 30 weeks (17 paid) that could be shared between both parents.
Each parent was then also going to be entitled to an extra four weeks of paid parental leave within the first year of their child’s life.
However, under the new proposals, agreed by the Cabinet, the mother will get two weeks leave followed by an additional 12 months leave available to either the mother or the father.
The Daily Telegraph said that due to a Cabinet disagreement over concerns about the effect the plans may have on businesses the new laws will not be introduced until after the next election.