Family law guide for kids launched
13 Mar 2013 0

A guide aimed at children and young people has been released to explain how recent changes to family law may affect them.

The Young Person’s Guide to the Children and Families Bill was written at the request of the Government to help people get to grips with the new legislation.

Faster adoption processes, changes to family courts and giving childminders and schools more choice in the ways they care for children are among the aspects of the Bill affecting young people.

It also introduces new rules for parents returning to employment after the birth of a baby with the possibility of sharing time off work, as well as changes to flexible working arrangements.

Children and Families Minister Edward Timpson said the guide was published as part of an effort to get young people “involved in decision-making about them, understand our plans and see how our changes will help to shape their futures”.

The Bill was given its second reading in Parliament on Monday 25 February.