Fears on disabled worker pensions
8 Aug 2012 0

The Government has been accused of “turning the screws” on disabled workers who, unions say, will receive worse pensions when their Remploy factories are shut and they transfer to private employers.

Plans have been announced by the Government to shut 27 factories by the end of the year, with 18 due to close or be sold off next year and another nine facing an uncertain future, sparking two 24-hour strikes by Remploy workers.

Unions say workers transferring to a private employer following the closures will not get the same level of pension. The GMB is now asking workers to consider demonstrations in London and other cities in September.

Unite regional officer Kevin Hepworth said the prospect of worse pensions was a “bombshell” to workers, adding: “This is a cruel blow, hacking away at the retirement incomes of workers with disabilities. First of all, their pensions will be attacked and then it will be the pay, and terms and conditions – this is the hard reality of this government’s actions.”

Meanwhile the Welsh Government’s move to pledge £2.4 million for employers giving jobs to Remploy workers when factories in Wales shut has been praised by Unite.