Gay couple win right to keep twins
3 Oct 2012 0

An Indian woman who was carrying twins as a surrogate mother for two gay men left Britain without giving formal consent, a High Court has been told.
In a potentially ground-breaking case at the High Court in London, Mr Justice Baker said he was asked to make a parental order without the consent of the birth mother.
The two men, who are civil partners, found the surrogate mother in India but failed to obtain her written consent before she vanished without trace and forced them into court action.
The judge said that birth mothers are considered to be “natural parents” and that it is “very important” that they give written consent.
Mr Justice Baker admitted he was satisfied that the pair had taken “all reasonable steps” to track the woman down and granted the parental orders, which will allow the twin boys – who were born in India last year – to be recognised as the couple’s children.
The judge protected the identities of the couple, the surrogate mother and the children involved.