MP launches ‘no win, no fee’ attack
20 Sep 2012 0

The Government has been urged to re-evaluate it’s ‘no win, no fee’ policies following criticism from an opposition MP.
Labour MP Chris Bryant cited two high-profile cases involving the Duchess of Cambridge and the family of murdered schoolgirl Millie Dowler to argue that everybody should have the right to pursue a claim regardless of their financial position.
Newly-appointed Justice Secretary Helen Grant leapt to the defence of the coalition Government’s position by claiming that the current system prevents unscrupulous claims from being made.
Mr Bryant said: ” I urge her [Grant] to think very closely about no win, no fee agreements, because last week we saw scurrilous, despicable low-lives in France invade the privacy of a young woman, who is able to take legal action because she is very wealthy.
“Many people in this country, like the Dowler family, would never have been able to take action on a privacy case if it hadn’t been for the ‘no win, no fee arrangement.’ So can we please, please make sure that we really don’t chuck the baby out with the bathwater in this?”
Ms Grant claimed that Bryant was encouraging “unnecessary, avoidable claims” and maintained the coalition’s position that only “meritorious claims” will be made, while adding the legal aid will continue to be available for “the most serious cases.”