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Get legal advice to make sure your redundancy is fair, legal and handled appropriately.

If you have been made redundant, you face a period of financial uncertainty (and emotional turmoil), so you need to be absolutely sure that your employer is being fair.

Some will try to pull the wool over employees' eyes, dismissing people unfairly or not giving them the settlement they're entitled to. Many get away with it because the employee hasn't sought legal advice and doesn't know what their rights are.

We know all the ins and outs of employment law, so know exactly what regulations and procedures employers are bound by. For example, employers must issue employees with a warning of potential redundancy, then have a period of consultation. They must also take reasonable steps to re-deploy, give the redundancy pay due and give the correct amount of notice. The selection process for redundancy must be fair and must not be based on gender, race, disability, religion, previous conflict or type of contract.

We can advise you on whether your dismissal or redundancy is fair, and whether it's been handled appropriately. We can also advise you about redundancy payments and what you're entitled to.

With us on your side, you can at least be sure that you have reliable and trustworthy representation from someone with your best interests at heart.