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Work Accidents

At work, your safety and wellbeing is in the hands of your employer. They are duty bound to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act and put strict measures in place to protect you. This includes training, supervision and personal protective equipment.

Even though there is now a much greater focus on working safely, around one million work-related accidents happen each year and many involve lifting, manual handling, slips, trips and falls. Even an accident you caused may not be your fault, if you haven't had the right training, equipment or working environment.

If you get injured because of your employer's negligence, then not only do you have to cope with the physical effects, you also have the stress of a making a claim. Which can feel even more difficult if you respect your employer, or if the accident was caused by a colleague. (Remember, it's your employer's insurers who pay compensation, not your employer.)

We're here to take the emotional strain out of a work accident compensation claim. As well as being experienced and thorough, our solicitors are friendly and approachable. We will guide you through, explain everything in straightforward terms and reassure you all the way.

If it helps, we can press for an early interim payment or pay for private medical treatment. We can also make light work of complicated issues related to sick pay schemes and employers liability insurance.