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Arranging trusts requires a solicitor you can trust.

The finer details of trusts are not for the faint hearted. But, they are brilliant for three reasons in particular. They are very tax efficient, so you can maximise your assets. They help protect and control what is rightfully yours. And they help protect the people you care about, such as children or a partner.

We could give you lots of information about the different kinds of trusts here but, to be honest, you wouldn't thank us for it. The best thing to do is have a free, no obligation chat with one of our specialist wills, trusts and probate solicitors.

By finding out a bit about your particular circumstances, they can offer advice on the best way forward, bearing in mind things like your family situation, assets, children, tax, IHT and so on.

You will see that they know their stuff inside out, and genuinely want to find the best solution for you. And when you find a solicitor you can trust, the rest all falls into place.