The future of law… big businesses and alternative business structures
12 Oct 2012 0

Solicitor’s regulation authority has granted licenses for alternative business structures to Co-op, AA, Saga, Direct Line, and BT
Until recently the legal market has been without big businesses, however as a result of the Legal Services Act 2007, big businesses have been granted the right to expand their commercial front into the legal sector. Even though the law society are promoting the “local solicitor” to the public, the onslaught of big businesses with alternative business structures and the investment that they can plough into the commercial front on the public maybe enough to change the shape of the legal sector in the country.
But who do you trust with your legal care? Personal attentive work tailored to your needs? Or speaking to a legal representative on a premium rate phone line?
With Alternative Business Structures being relatively new it is hard to tell what will really be the effect and whether such companies will be able to offer a better competitive service.